Friday, 30 April 2021

Triple vision

Took the day off as we were venturing out to eat out, courtesy of the Prodigal and very generous too. This time last year lockdown and it would have been shirt sleeves and seeking the shade, today it was coats and scarves. Don't suppose that launch was motored back from Portugal by sea. 

Nice pub lunch steak sandwich and first out out pint too. Standard fizzy lager, just right for the occasion. Pud and coffee too..

Sternly warned not to expect much for supper but I could go fishing. So I did, to the Very Local Water to drown  a couple of grains of the golden goodness and the go to Sourcery. Turned out half and half in the end. It was bright but with a swirly wind and the big coat and bib and braces were deployed being that my perch was nearly 4 feet above the water. My view to the left.

Decent bed of hemp (that tin has done me three trips, the corn two), corn and the remnants of my pellet bucket had 'em churning up the silt and slipping up  a few times in their feeding spree. The first few were a bit raggedy and old and a bit familiar as it's not a big water and distinguishing marks stand out..

This  old warhorse has a noticeable cleft round it's vent and it's seen the inside of the stink net a few time. Picture is a bit dark as I had just endured 15 minutes of hail and the dark cloud was still hanging about.

I'd lost a mud pig which tore off then threw the QM1 #12 and was bracing for a repeat when on feeling the hook the culprit again sped off but splashingly on the surface and after a ping the Puddle Chucker was off the line and  had the weird sensation of an unstoppable bream. Clearly something was up, and once I'd managed to subdue the strangely speedy thing a double yellow tag was apparent in the tail region. Foul hooked. I have no scruples once they're in the stink net.

It was a pretty fish too, one of the young guard coming through.

And there is the liberated Puddle Chucker in the middle. And it was soon to be joined by another, this time one of the lost and founds which minus its cocking weight was laying in the surface film.

The Puddle Chuckers have  a clip system and the body pushes onto the loading weight which does allow for quick changes  and often means the float pops off say in pads allowing the line and fish to ping free.  Also built in obsolescence, clever old Peter Drennan.

A swig of the fiery nectar before landing  the sixth and last bream of  a productive 2 and a half hours.

Supper? Baked beans cold from the saucepan. No toast and no pics.


  1. Question, is that ginger beer have alcohol content?

    1. Hello Brk Trt,

      No alcohol in this one. Plenty do though. What I didn't know until I went there was that ginger beer is quite a thing on Corfu along of course with Mythos which is standard lager.

    2. Ginger beer and Mythos in the same sentence! How dare you? As ever - Dylan