Sunday 12 March 2023

Making hay

I was given a late pass out yesterday which of course I readily accepted and there was only one choice really, back to the Aquarium. You never know what might happen tomorrow so make hay today. This is as far as the day boats can get up the river, thwarted by the lock and to the right the mill pool (the Mill burnt down in 1963). A bit more beatific than on Friday 

It didn't take long for the float to indicate fishy interest down in the depths of the lock and the first of many roach was soon in the net. 

I'd hoped for a few smaller fish to slip on  a size 4 circle hook for a perch but even this size dace I thought was too optimistic. Didn't get many dace on this occasion but of those I did most were sandpapery males.

I did eventually get a smaller one, this did go out under  a 10gm bobber, but attracted no obvious interest. On the one occasion the  fish did scatter it had managed to avoid being inhaled by a dashing buccaneer perch by tangling on a branch. I did slip it back after this. The perch I did have were on the maggot and all around this size.

The obligatory chublet. 

The roach kept coming and I just can't tire of catching fish like this.

Two really stood out, one at a spot on guessed 1.02 and photographed by a passer by for me

And an absolute pearler that went 1.06.

Fantastic fishing for sure. The 'last' three days? Weather dependant, I'd hoped for  a trip down to Devil Dog Land but the Loafer tells me the Suffolk Stour isn't really that fishable so I might have a drive round today to check the Wensum and Yare. If not then be prepared for more of the same.